email is a valid English word

Scrabble validity: valid ( international - Sowpods, US - Twl06 )
iScramble validity: valid
QuickWords validity: valid



Singular Plural
email emails
    (uncountable) A system for transferring messages from one computer to another, usually through a network.
    • Antonym: snail mail
    (uncountable) A quantity of messages sent through an email system.
    • I am searching through my old email.
    (countable) A message sent through an email system.
    • He sent me an email last week to remind me about the meeting.


Verb Present simple 3sg Present participle Past simple Past participle
email emails emailing emailed emailed
    (transitive) To send an email or emails to.
    • She emailed me last week, asking about the status of the project.
    (transitive may take two objects) To send (something) through email.
    • I’ll email you the link.
    (intransitive) To send, or compose and send, an email or emails.
    • Most teenagers seem to spend almost the whole day emailing and surfing the Web.


email is a Scrabble valid word


email is an iScramble, QuickWords valid word



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