grabble is a valid English word

Scrabble validity: valid ( international - Sowpods, US - Twl06 )
iScramble validity: valid
QuickWords validity: valid



Verb Present simple 3sg Present participle Past simple Past participle
grabble grabbles grabbling grabbled grabbled
    (intransitive) To search with one's hands and fingers; to attempt to grasp something.
    • Synonym: fumble, grope, grubble, root, rummage, Thesaurus:feel around
    (intransitive obsolete) To search in a similar way using an implement.
    (transitive) To touch (someone) with one's hands or fingers, sometimes in a sexual way.
    • Synonym: feel up, fondle, grope, Thesaurus:fondle


    (obsolete) A method of fishing using a line with several hooks fastened to it along with a lead weight so that the hooks sit on the bottom.
    • To lay / fish (up)on the grabble


grabble is a Scrabble valid word


grabble is an iScramble, QuickWords valid word



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